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​​​​Does your pet need to visit the vet because of excessive scooting on the carpet, odor from the rear end, or is over-grooming the anal area? Healthy anal glands typically express when your pet has a bowel movement, but sometimes this can build up and lead to pain, trouble passing stool, or even infection in your pet. This can be managed by manually expressing the glands on a regular basis.  Have your pet looked at by Dr. Alice first to diagnose it properly. If it's a simple appointment for anal gland expression in the future, our technicians have got you covered. 

Don't need a doctor's appointment? No problem. Our veterinary technicians are available to you and your pets for a variety of services.  We're just a phone call away, and our appointment calendar is flexible enough to get clients in for same-day!  



Technician Services


​​Do you need vaccination records for your pet? Our friendly staff will be happy to print you out a vaccination certificate, listing your pet's current vaccination history. 




​​Our paw-dicure specialists can clip your pet's nails the traditional way, or use our dremmel system to ensure a smooth, rounded finish. 

Being separated from your pet can be highly stressful.  Feel comforted that your pet has identification on them at all times in case this happens by utilizing the benefits of microchipping. Our office uses the Pet Link chip system, and only takes a few moments to place underneath your pet's skin. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and does not contain a battery; it receives enough energy from the scanner itself, so it can be scanned for the lifetime of your pet. There are no moving parts, so once your pet is chipped, it will never need replaced. The unique identifier within the chip will come up once scanned, and that identifier will be matched with your pet's information on a nationwide registry database. 

Carried and spread by mosquitos, heartworms can be a serious danger to your pet, especially for dogs. A simple blood test scheduled with one of our knowledgeable technicians can help rule out the presence of this life-threatening parasite.  We can also help to get you on the right track with monthly preventatives to keep heartworms--and other harmful parasites--away. 

Intestinal parasites are not only a concern for pets, they're also a concern for people. Stool tests can give a multitude of information to your veterinarian, including parasites that could affect your family as well. We recommend making these types of tests a regular part of your dog or cat's annual checkup.