These folks are the face of our practice, and we love a smiling face. They greet clients, perform check-in, answer phones, take down information in charts, process pharmacy orders, check clients out, and handle the administrative and clerical duties of the practice. If you're upbeat, highly organized and efficient, and a great listener, this role may be a great fit. 


Employment Opportunities




We're thrilled that you'd like to join our team. Check out the positions we typically hire for:

Working for Dr. Alice has been a wonderful experience.  Not only has she helped me grow in my knowledge of veterinary medicine, she's allowed me to put my personal skills and abilities into practice.  What a wonderful team to work for!

These individuals are the heartbeat of our practice. This role works under the close supervision of Dr. Alice and can include putting clients and pets into rooms, drawing blood, placing catheters, assisting in surgery, managing anesthesia, and giving medications.  Other roles include answering phones, performing sample processing, processing prescription orders, and monitoring inventory. As a special note, it's always a plus when we see resumes for registered veterinary technicians! 


Cleanliness and happiness for our canine and feline clients is key. These individuals help to care for the animals staying with us at the hospital and in the boarding area. Roles include performing husbandry tasks, walking dogs, laundry, assisting with animals during appointments, and helping with general cleanliness and appearance of the facility. 

Current Available Openings


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