Our veterinary clinic is well-equipped with the staff and veterinary supplies to help you when an emergency arises during business hours. Please call ahead and notify our receptionist so that Dr. Alice may be promptly notified and our staff can be prepared. Please take note that due to our small family-centered practice, not all emergencies may be admissible at the same time.  In the event that we are unable to get your companion in, we recommend seeking the closest Emergency Centers in our area:


2714 Springboro West Road

Dayton, Ohio 45439

(800) 891-9010


6405 Clyo Road

Centerville, Ohio 45459

(937) 428-0911

Making the decision to say farewell to your companion is never easy. Our caring staff is here for you, whether to help minimize your pet's discomfort or distress in the final days, to help you determine their quality of life, or to help guide you through the process of saying goodbye. We offer cremation services and a variety of options for them as well. 




When it comes to puppies and kittens, it's important to start them early! Our staff can start your new little bundle of joy on the fast track to a healthy life.  A new puppy/kitten kit will help get you the right information to make great decisions for them now while they're young.  

Veterinary Clinic Services



Dr. Alice's specialty is reproduction. If you are interested in utilizing her reproductive healthcare team, contact us to schedule an appointment. We are available for progesterone tests, surgical implantation techniques, artificial insemination, semen evaluations, cesarean sections, and pregnancy ultrasounds. 

When Fido's not fetching that ball as fast and Fluffy hesitates to jump into her favorite lap, you may begin to realize that aging pets will require a bit more care and adjustments to help them remain happy and comfortable. Having a minimum of twice yearly checkups for our aging companions can be critical in maintaining their health and helping to catch diseases and conditions early.  Dr. Alice will talk with you to help decide how frequently your pet should be seen to stay on top of any issues or concerns. Routine screening tests may also help to detect problems early. If you'd like to get your senior companion in for a visit, contact us to schedule an appointment. 


Time for that annual trip to the vet? Don't miss it! Yearly examinations are important to your pet's health, and can help:

  1.  Prevent disease

  2.  Provide early detection of a medical issue

  3.  Help maintain a great relationship between you, your pet, and your veterinarian

Your pet's annual checkup isn't just a once-over by Dr. Alice. She will make sure to thoroughly examine the mouth, ears, eyes, and body.  She'll take a listen to the heart and lungs, and look for signs of stress, growths, or pain in your pet's abdomen, body, joints, and spine. She may also request important samples of stool or blood to help make sure your pet is free of parasites and on-track for a healthy life. 

 Haven't been to the vet in a while? No problem. Dr. Alice is available to check your pet from tip to tail, top to bottom. Simply contact us to set up an appointment that works for your schedule.